With Brightest Kid, restaurants generate revenue by being the exclusive award sponsor for a school. Get on the only award certificate in the classroom where you affirm student effort and raise money for schools, all while driving traffic to your restaurant.



A) Certificate Awards for the Classroom!
We know all kids are different, so why award them for the exact same things? Use these awards for math, reading, science, or anything else you want to affirm your students for!

B) Your Restaurant and Location
Upload your restaurant’s logo and address to the certificates and achieve brand recognition in your community. Lifelong learners AND lifelong customers? That’s a win-win for everyone.

C) What Kids Love
Offer kids that unique experience only your restaurant can provide. Award kids and their whole families will come to celebrate!

D) Support your Local School
When awards are redeemed at your restaurant, Brightest Kid makes a donation to the student’s school. It’s that simple.

Affirm the Work of Students … One Achievement at a Time!


Are you ready to go back to class with Brightest Kid?



Are you ready to affirm students and raise money for your school?


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